Pitching the Media 101

Pitching the Media 101


Early Workshop: 1:00-3:00pm

Presenter: Tracey Madigan and Anne Dickerson, 15 Minutes Group

Description: Sitting back and waiting for the calls to come in after you’ve sent out a press release ain’t gonna cut it. If you want media exposure you need to know how to get journalists’ attention. Tracey Madigan has booked hundreds of guests for TV and radio. She will tell you how to pique a booker’s interest, how to get a reporter to call you back, and the magic number of bullet points when selling a story. There is an effective formula for writing that email – we share specifics on when to pitch, and how often to follow up. 

What you will learn:
1. The realities of a reporter's day -- and how to pitch accordingly
2. How the element of time is easy to manipulate: yeah, you've got a great story, but if it's not breaking news, why should a reporter cover it NOW? There's a formula for that.
3. How to think like a reporter. What other elements will the reporter have to gather before being able to cover your story, and how you can help him/her out.

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