We know you have a lot of choices at ComNet this year. Between Breakout Sessions, Dialogues, and In Conversations — how can you pick where to go?  We’re here to help with that. Try following one of our conference Tracks! We have 8 tracks this year:

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion + Communications, which will focus on the messages and tools you can use to make the practice of diversity, equity, and inclusion a reality in both internal and external communications.

Policy & Advocacy Communications, which will focus on building intersectional frames and movements that can help your organization bypass institutional barriers, and will also illuminate the best ways to engage with policymakers.

Social Science Communications, which will focus on how the practices of listening and empathy can surface new ideas, build deeper connections, and create change that sticks.

Ethical & Aspirational Communications, which will focus on how to craft messages that are inclusive and respect the dignity of your audience, and will call out the major pitfalls organizations can fall into.

Storytelling & Journalism, which will focus on how to create clear, compelling, and inclusive stories across mediums that put your subjects first, and will also share tools and frameworks for creating and tracking the impact of your media efforts.

Data Visualization, which will focus on how to turn complex data sets into accessible and compelling stories that will both resonate and inform without having to be “dumbed down.”

Internal Communications, which will focus on how best to navigate relationships with program staff, influencers, grantees, and others within your own organization to articulate and deliver on common goals.

Austin, which will explore conversations happening in Austin and across the state but are meaningful and relevant anywhere and feature some of Austin's leading innovators.